​P G M Recovery Systems, LLC is a buyer and processor of scrap oxygen sensors for   their precious metal values. Since our specialty is in O2 sensor recycling, we do not compete with catalytic converter or auto core recyclers for converters. We market nationwide offering competitive quotes to auto dismantlers, catalytic converter recyclers, auto core recyclers, scrap recycling operations and auto repair service technicians.

Through the implementation of our marketing campaign nationally, there are now an  increasing number of companies that are saving and recycling O2 sensors due their value. Still there are companies that continue to discard O2 sensors in their trash or scrap steel bins not realizing the loss of profit…however, that trend is changing. Recycling O2 sensors has now become a source of value to many types of recyclers.

Oxygen sensors are processed to remove the precious metals contained by stripping away the steel scrap. A near total extraction is extremely difficult, requiring multiple steps in the process.

Due to the technological challenges presented in processing, plus the capital investment required; many companies choose not to specialize in purchasing and processing O2/ oxygen sensor scrap. More difficult issues occur when processing sensors with brackets and/or heavy reducers. These sensors reduce the precious metal recovery by at least    one - third and greatly increase the process costs required for oxygen sensor recycling.

We accept up to 4-5% of sensors with brackets/heavy reducers; however, if you accumulate sensors across all car models this will not be an issue. Therefore, please contact us before shipping if you handle only Toyota and Lexus models. 

PGM Recovery Systems, LLC, through the combination of scrap recycling technology and extractive metallurgy is able to monthly process tons of scrap O2 sensors.

Scrap Oxygen Sensors


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